duos at Public Bar

Tuesday 27 at Public Bar *8pm*

More intimate than a band and less self absorbed than a solo performer, musical duos embody listening and human relationships at the most basic and fundemental level; the connection of two.

complimentary, parrallel, antagonistic… no matter the ultimate chemistry or alchemy between the elements, what makes duos special is the transparency of relationship between two souls in the same space at the same time.

for this show, we present three pairings of melbourne music makers:

sister is Ben Speth & Marco Cher-Gibard.


they makes music using electric guitar and electronics, using improvisation to create and partially organise sound, space and time.

Hakea are Rosalind Hall and Dave Brown.


One: Small amplifiers exude resonant tones on the periphery of feedback, gently coaxing light, metallic oscillations from foreign bodies inserted and dangled in brass bells, all held afloat by percussive clacks, vibrations and secret visions.

Two: Weird intonations ring from purposely-shortened strings while tiny motors create their own lightly amplified siren-tones. Tiny chains interfere with the doings of Lilliputian, magnetic microphones that join discarded street-sweeper bits to agitate everything.

One and Two peel back their shadows, a blind dance of hope

Lara Soulio + Eves


two prolific musicians coupled here for the first time. this highly anticipated pairing joins the prolific Eves, human-embodied sound bridge between NZ and Australia with Lara S, Melbourne’s musical backbone – a collaborator, organiser and our most loved tone meister.


duos at Public Bar